The smart Trick of concrete-mix spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością That No One is Discussing

Dennis, Sakrete Sand Combine modified with Sakrete Bonder and Fortified (like a bonding agent/primer and admixture) can be used for applications as much as two” and all the way down to ½”. Sakrete Best ‘N Bond can be a polymer modified resurfacing material that could be used from ½” right down to a feathered edge.

Scott, keep in mind that by building this dam you are leaving yourself open to water puddling within the base of your stairs. When the slab carries on to settle the dam might be more than run.

The sides on my porch (concrete slab) have damaged off as a consequence of incorrect set up with the railings. I'm removing the railings and wish to insert 5 inches of concrete to reform them Which item would be best? The new concrete would need to bond to the prevailing concrete slab. That is a Do it yourself job. - Danel

Karen, to place the column on the driveway you would need to Slice away the region that the column is going to be sitting down on. Then you would need to dig and pour a concrete footer towards the depth of your local code requirements.

George, If your surface is tough then you can just clean it after which resurface it. The real key to the good software will be to correctly prep the surface. Clean it and take away any unfastened dust, debris, paints, sealers, and or oil. As soon as the surface is cleaned and correctly prepped you are able to resurface it with Top'n Bond Concrete Patcher. This material might be put from 1/2” all the way down to a featheredge.

I've a porch we're Placing a sidder in the issue is on a single facet get in touch with it the still left facet struggling with the slidder is art zero and the correct side is decrease 2.five inches.I hold the liquid bonding agent and b levelor 6 bags.

I should pour a concrete pad within a basement excessive of some 1950's tile which have without question asbestos in official site them. Almost everything is visit here tight on the existing concrete floor and I'd basically prefer to 'bury' the old tile under a whole new 1 inch or much less concrete pour around.

View 10 far more opinions... Hello, I just poured two sets of stairs with a landing fifty percent way down, for some motive inside the screeding process we ended up with a small location about 5' long and twenty" broad on the landing up versus a stair riser.

What am i able to use to degree inside of a polymer concrete ACO drain which runs before my garage. The slope of the push means that inside the ACO drain must be lifted at a single conclude by half an inch and by 1 plus a 50 percent inches at the opposite end in order for water to stream correctly. At the moment water is lying at one conclude. - Hill

I have a pool deck which has subsided away from the pool coping and some reasonably vast cracks. Am i able to use prime n bond to create up deck to coping and fill and feather cracked regions? - Jeanette

Rick, regretably we don't manufacture an item that may be advised for this type of application. - Chris Technological Solutions

John, you can use the Sakrete High Strength Concrete Combine to accomplish a 4" pour to boost concrete mix grade 35 your garage floor. Make confident that you clean the floor and take away any loose dust, dirt, particles, paints, and or sealers.

Joni, Indeed the Flo-Coat could be used. The graceful areas will need to be abraded with a grinder or tool that will make a class profile. If you are trying to apply in excess of a very sleek towel end it may delaminate. After abrading the floor, pressure clean your entire location to remove any loose dust or particles. Make confident that the surface is moist before you apply the material.

Walt, Certainly, salt and concrete do not get along in the least. It really is beast to seal the resurfaced concrete with Sakrete Cure N Seal that will help secure it from the damages salt has on it. - Chris Complex Products and services

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